Sharing our insights

We recognize that we are ideally positioned through our role as a leading academic and educational publisher to conduct research and share insights that inspire and inform our communities, and further contribute to us achieving our mission.

We see ourselves and the work that we do as a catalyst for knowledge, and believe our expertise can drive and effect positive change in education and academia all over the world.

Over the course of the year, we conducted several research reports and activities to shape thinking and contribute to important conversations around education and research. We have focused on four of our largest areas where we have shared our expertise:

  • Bridging the word gap at transition: researching the level of which disadvantaged children in the UK have a vocabulary below their age
  • Supporting learner agency: a white paper from the English Language Teaching Division that focuses on the importance of agency in learning to feel confident and empowered
  • The gift of words: an external and inspirational campaign which saw key influencers ‘gift’ books and words that mean something special to them during particularly turbulent times
  • The use of monographs in a digital environment: working with Cambridge University Press to ensure monographs remain highly relevant in today’s world

These findings, whether they be a white paper, research paper, external campaign or anything else, not only help to shape best practice outside the organization, but also ensure that the services we provide remain relevant, cutting-edge, and accessible to hone in on our own practices and learn from them.

Nigel Portwood, CEO of Oxford University Press:
“Our organization has a plethora of expertise in fields of education, ELT and academia. We are committed to sharing this so that we can look to make impactful, positive change in society. We see it as a responsibility, now more than ever, to ensure our operations meet the needs of our customers, and that we do everything in our power to share our expertise more widely so together we can make a real difference.”

Sharing our insights case studies

Bridging the word gap

Supporting learner agency

Inspiring people to give the gift of words

The use of monographs in a digital environment